Apache Flink® - 数据流上的有状态计算

  • 事件驱动应用
  • 流批分析
  • 数据管道 & ETL
  • Exactly-once 状态一致性
  • 事件时间处理
  • 成熟的迟到数据处理
分层 API
  • SQL on Stream & Batch Data
  • DataStream API & DataSet API
  • ProcessFunction (Time & State)
  • 灵活部署
  • 高可用
  • 保存点
  • 水平扩展架构
  • 支持超大状态
  • 增量检查点机制
  • 低延迟
  • 高吞吐
  • 内存计算

Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator 1.1.0 Release Announcement

The community has continued to work hard on improving the Flink Kubernetes Operator capabilities since our first production ready release we launched about two months ago.

Apache Flink ML 2.1.0 Release Announcement
The Apache Flink community is excited to announce the release of Flink ML 2.1.0! This release focuses on improving Flink ML's infrastructure, such as Python SDK, memory management, and benchmark framework, to facilitate the development of performant, memory-safe, and easy-to-use algorithm libraries. We validated the enhanced infrastructure via benchmarks and confirmed that Flink ML can meet or exceed the performance of selected algorithms from alternative popular ML libraries. In addition, this release added example Python and Java programs to help users learn and use Flink ML.
FLIP-147: Support Checkpoints After Tasks Finished - Part Two
This post presents more details on the changes on the checkpoint procedure and task finish process made by the final checkpoint mechanism.
FLIP-147: Support Checkpoints After Tasks Finished - Part One
This post briefly describes the motivation and changes made by the final checkpoint mechanism, including the changes to the checkpoint procedure and how tasks finish.
Apache Flink 1.15.1 Release Announcement
The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce a bug fix release for Flink 1.15.