Apache Flink 1.6.1 Released

20 Sep 2018

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.6 series.

This release includes 60 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.6.1. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.6.1.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

List of resolved issues:


  • [FLINK-9637] - Add public user documentation for TTL feature
  • [FLINK-10068] - Add documentation for async/RocksDB-based timers
  • [FLINK-10085] - Update AbstractOperatorRestoreTestBase
  • [FLINK-10087] - Update BucketingSinkMigrationTest
  • [FLINK-10089] - Update FlinkKafkaConsumerBaseMigrationTest
  • [FLINK-10090] - Update ContinuousFileProcessingMigrationTest
  • [FLINK-10091] - Update WindowOperatorMigrationTest
  • [FLINK-10092] - Update StatefulJobSavepointMigrationITCase
  • [FLINK-10109] - Add documentation for StreamingFileSink


  • [FLINK-9289] - Parallelism of generated operators should have max parallism of input
  • [FLINK-9546] - The heartbeatTimeoutIntervalMs of HeartbeatMonitor should be larger than 0
  • [FLINK-9693] - Possible memory leak in jobmanager retaining archived checkpoints
  • [FLINK-9972] - Debug memory logging not working
  • [FLINK-10011] - Old job resurrected during HA failover
  • [FLINK-10063] - Jepsen: Automatically restart Mesos Processes
  • [FLINK-10101] - Mesos web ui url is missing.
  • [FLINK-10105] - Test failure because of jobmanager.execution.failover-strategy is outdated
  • [FLINK-10115] - Content-length limit is also applied to FileUploads
  • [FLINK-10116] - createComparator fails on case class with Unit type fields prior to the join-key
  • [FLINK-10141] - Reduce lock contention introduced with 1.5
  • [FLINK-10142] - Reduce synchronization overhead for credit notifications
  • [FLINK-10150] - Chained batch operators interfere with each other other
  • [FLINK-10151] - [State TTL] Fix false recursion call in TransformingStateTableKeyGroupPartitioner.tryAddToSource
  • [FLINK-10154] - Make sure we always read at least one record in KinesisConnector
  • [FLINK-10169] - RowtimeValidator fails with custom TimestampExtractor
  • [FLINK-10172] - Inconsistentcy in ExpressionParser and ExpressionDsl for order by asc/desc
  • [FLINK-10192] - SQL Client table visualization mode does not update correctly
  • [FLINK-10193] - Default RPC timeout is used when triggering savepoint via JobMasterGateway
  • [FLINK-10204] - StreamElementSerializer#copy broken for LatencyMarkers
  • [FLINK-10255] - Standby Dispatcher locks submitted JobGraphs
  • [FLINK-10261] - INSERT INTO does not work with ORDER BY clause
  • [FLINK-10267] - [State] Fix arbitrary iterator access on RocksDBMapIterator
  • [FLINK-10269] - Elasticsearch 6 UpdateRequest fail because of binary incompatibility
  • [FLINK-10283] - FileCache logs unnecessary warnings
  • [FLINK-10293] - RemoteStreamEnvironment does not forward port to RestClusterClient
  • [FLINK-10314] - Blocking calls in Execution Graph creation bring down cluster
  • [FLINK-10328] - Stopping the ZooKeeperSubmittedJobGraphStore should release all currently held locks
  • [FLINK-10329] - Fail with exception if job cannot be removed by ZooKeeperSubmittedJobGraphStore#removeJobGraph

New Feature


  • [FLINK-9013] - Document yarn.containers.vcores only being effective when adapting YARN config
  • [FLINK-9446] - Compatibility table not up-to-date
  • [FLINK-9795] - Update Mesos documentation for flip6
  • [FLINK-9859] - More Akka config options
  • [FLINK-9899] - Add more metrics to the Kinesis source connector
  • [FLINK-9962] - allow users to specify TimeZone in DateTimeBucketer
  • [FLINK-10001] - Improve Kubernetes documentation
  • [FLINK-10006] - Improve logging in BarrierBuffer
  • [FLINK-10020] - Kinesis Consumer listShards should support more recoverable exceptions
  • [FLINK-10082] - Initialize StringBuilder in Slf4jReporter with estimated size
  • [FLINK-10094] - Always backup default config for end-to-end tests
  • [FLINK-10110] - Harden e2e Kafka shutdown
  • [FLINK-10131] - Improve logging around ResultSubpartition
  • [FLINK-10137] - YARN: Log completed Containers
  • [FLINK-10164] - Add support for resuming from savepoints to StandaloneJobClusterEntrypoint
  • [FLINK-10170] - Support string representation for map and array types in descriptor-based Table API
  • [FLINK-10185] - Make ZooKeeperStateHandleStore#releaseAndTryRemove synchronous
  • [FLINK-10223] - TaskManagers should log their ResourceID during startup
  • [FLINK-10301] - Allow a custom Configuration in StreamNetworkBenchmarkEnvironment
  • [FLINK-10325] - [State TTL] Refactor TtlListState to use only loops, no java stream API for performance


  • [FLINK-10084] - Migration tests weren't updated for 1.5