Apache Flink 1.3.1 Released

23 Jun 2017

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.3 series.

This release includes 50 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.3.0. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.3.1.


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.


  • [FLINK-6492] - Unclosed DataOutputViewStream in GenericArraySerializerConfigSnapshot#write()
  • [FLINK-6602] - Table source with defined time attributes allows empty string
  • [FLINK-6652] - Problem with DelimitedInputFormat
  • [FLINK-6659] - RocksDBMergeIteratorTest, SavepointITCase leave temporary directories behind
  • [FLINK-6669] - [Build] Scala style check errror on Windows
  • [FLINK-6685] - SafetyNetCloseableRegistry is closed prematurely in Task::triggerCheckpointBarrier
  • [FLINK-6772] - Incorrect ordering of matched state events in Flink CEP
  • [FLINK-6775] - StateDescriptor cannot be shared by multiple subtasks
  • [FLINK-6780] - ExternalTableSource should add time attributes in the row type
  • [FLINK-6783] - Wrongly extracted TypeInformations for WindowedStream::aggregate
  • [FLINK-6797] - building docs fails with bundler 1.15
  • [FLINK-6801] - PojoSerializerConfigSnapshot cannot deal with missing Pojo fields
  • [FLINK-6804] - Inconsistent state migration behaviour between different state backends
  • [FLINK-6807] - Elasticsearch 5 connector artifact not published to maven
  • [FLINK-6808] - Stream join fails when checkpointing is enabled
  • [FLINK-6809] - side outputs documentation: wrong variable name in java example code
  • [FLINK-6812] - Elasticsearch 5 release artifacts not published to Maven central
  • [FLINK-6815] - Javadocs don't work anymore in Flink 1.4-SNAPSHOT
  • [FLINK-6816] - Fix wrong usage of Scala string interpolation in Table API
  • [FLINK-6833] - Race condition: Asynchronous checkpointing task can fail completed StreamTask
  • [FLINK-6844] - TraversableSerializer should implement compatibility methods
  • [FLINK-6848] - Extend the managed state docs with a Scala example
  • [FLINK-6853] - Migrating from Flink 1.1 fails for FlinkCEP
  • [FLINK-6869] - Scala serializers do not have the serialVersionUID specified
  • [FLINK-6875] - Remote DataSet API job submission timing out
  • [FLINK-6881] - Creating a table from a POJO and defining a time attribute fails
  • [FLINK-6883] - Serializer for collection of Scala case classes are generated with different anonymous class names in 1.3
  • [FLINK-6886] - Fix Timestamp field can not be selected in event time case when toDataStream[T], `T` not a `Row` Type.
  • [FLINK-6896] - Creating a table from a POJO and use table sink to output fail
  • [FLINK-6899] - Wrong state array size in NestedMapsStateTable
  • [FLINK-6914] - TrySerializer#ensureCompatibility causes StackOverflowException
  • [FLINK-6915] - EnumValueSerializer broken
  • [FLINK-6921] - EnumValueSerializer cannot properly handle appended enum values
  • [FLINK-6922] - Enum(Value)SerializerConfigSnapshot uses Java serialization to store enum values
  • [FLINK-6930] - Selecting window start / end on row-based Tumble/Slide window causes NPE
  • [FLINK-6932] - Update the inaccessible Dataflow Model paper link
  • [FLINK-6941] - Selecting window start / end on over window causes field not resolve exception
  • [FLINK-6948] - EnumValueSerializer cannot handle removed enum values


  • [FLINK-5354] - Split up Table API documentation into multiple pages
  • [FLINK-6038] - Add deep links to Apache Bahir Flink streaming connector documentations
  • [FLINK-6796] - Allow setting the user code class loader for AbstractStreamOperatorTestHarness
  • [FLINK-6803] - Add test for PojoSerializer when Pojo changes
  • [FLINK-6859] - StateCleaningCountTrigger should not delete timer
  • [FLINK-6929] - Add documentation for Table API OVER windows
  • [FLINK-6952] - Add link to Javadocs
  • [FLINK-6748] - Table API / SQL Docs: Table API Page


  • [FLINK-6830] - Add ITTests for savepoint migration from 1.3
  • [FLINK-6320] - Flakey JobManagerHAJobGraphRecoveryITCase
  • [FLINK-6744] - Flaky ExecutionGraphSchedulingTest
  • [FLINK-6913] - Instable StatefulJobSavepointMigrationITCase.testRestoreSavepoint