Flink 1.0.3 Released

11 May 2016

Today, the Flink community released Flink version 1.0.3, the third bugfix release of the 1.0 series.

We recommend all users updating to this release by bumping the version of your Flink dependencies to 1.0.3 and updating the binaries on the server. You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

Fixed Issues


  • [FLINK-3790] [streaming] Use proper hadoop config in rolling sink
  • [FLINK-3840] Remove Testing Files in RocksDB Backend
  • [FLINK-3835] [optimizer] Add input id to JSON plan to resolve ambiguous input names
  • [hotfix] OptionSerializer.duplicate to respect stateful element serializer
  • [FLINK-3803] [runtime] Pass CheckpointStatsTracker to ExecutionGraph
  • [hotfix] [cep] Make cep window border treatment consistent


  • [FLINK-3678] [dist, docs] Make Flink logs directory configurable


  • [docs] Add note about S3AFileSystem ‘buffer.dir’ property
  • [docs] Update AWS S3 docs


  • [FLINK-3860] [connector-wikiedits] Add retry loop to WikipediaEditsSourceTest
  • [streaming-contrib] Fix port clash in DbStateBackend tests