Apache Flink 0.9.1 available

01 Sep 2015

The Flink community is happy to announce that Flink 0.9.1 is now available.

0.9.1 is a maintenance release, which includes a lot of minor fixes across several parts of the system. We suggest all users of Flink to work with this latest stable version.

Download the release and check out the documentation. Feedback through the Flink mailing lists is, as always, very welcome!

The following issues were fixed for this release:

  • FLINK-1916 EOFException when running delta-iteration job
  • FLINK-2089 “Buffer recycled” IllegalStateException during cancelling
  • FLINK-2189 NullPointerException in MutableHashTable
  • FLINK-2205 Confusing entries in JM Webfrontend Job Configuration section
  • FLINK-2229 Data sets involving non-primitive arrays cannot be unioned
  • FLINK-2238 Scala ExecutionEnvironment.fromCollection does not work with Sets
  • FLINK-2248 Allow disabling of sdtout logging output
  • FLINK-2257 Open and close of RichWindowFunctions is not called
  • FLINK-2262 ParameterTool API misnamed function
  • FLINK-2280 GenericTypeComparator.compare() does not respect ascending flag
  • FLINK-2285 Active policy emits elements of the last window twice
  • FLINK-2286 Window ParallelMerge sometimes swallows elements of the last window
  • FLINK-2293 Division by Zero Exception
  • FLINK-2298 Allow setting custom YARN application names through the CLI
  • FLINK-2347 Rendering problem with Documentation website
  • FLINK-2353 Hadoop mapred IOFormat wrappers do not respect JobConfigurable interface
  • FLINK-2356 Resource leak in checkpoint coordinator
  • FLINK-2361 CompactingHashTable loses entries
  • FLINK-2362 distinct is missing in DataSet API documentation
  • FLINK-2381 Possible class not found Exception on failed partition producer
  • FLINK-2384 Deadlock during partition spilling
  • FLINK-2386 Implement Kafka connector using the new Kafka Consumer API
  • FLINK-2394 HadoopOutFormat OutputCommitter is default to FileOutputCommiter
  • FLINK-2412 Race leading to IndexOutOfBoundsException when querying for buffer while releasing SpillablePartition
  • FLINK-2422 Web client is showing a blank page if “Meta refresh” is disabled in browser
  • FLINK-2424 InstantiationUtil.serializeObject(Object) does not close output stream
  • FLINK-2437 TypeExtractor.analyzePojo has some problems around the default constructor detection
  • FLINK-2442 PojoType fields not supported by field position keys
  • FLINK-2447 TypeExtractor returns wrong type info when a Tuple has two fields of the same POJO type
  • FLINK-2450 IndexOutOfBoundsException in KryoSerializer
  • FLINK-2460 ReduceOnNeighborsWithExceptionITCase failure
  • FLINK-2527 If a VertexUpdateFunction calls setNewVertexValue more than once, the MessagingFunction will only see the first value set
  • FLINK-2540 LocalBufferPool.requestBuffer gets into infinite loop
  • FLINK-2542 It should be documented that it is required from a join key to override hashCode(), when it is not a POJO
  • FLINK-2555 Hadoop Input/Output Formats are unable to access secured HDFS clusters
  • FLINK-2560 Flink-Avro Plugin cannot be handled by Eclipse
  • FLINK-2572 Resolve base path of symlinked executable
  • FLINK-2584 ASM dependency is not shaded away